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Who is the real Buddy?

Buddy the Globetrotter is both the main character and narrator of a travel adventure series for young and advanced readers. Today I will post two photos of our real Buddy who was the inspiration for the personality behind the fictional character. In future posts, I will be sharing real photos of places or wildlife highlighted in each book. My aim is to post one or two photos for each chapter once weekly or every other week. The photo gallery for one book will be completed before posting for another. The books were purposefully written without photos to allow the reader to imagine landscapes, wildlife, and events. I thought it would now be fun to provide an opportunity for readers to compare the real landscapes and wildlife with their imagined ones. Let me know what you think. Remember, all photos are copyrighted and shared for your enjoyment only, not for use elsewhere without my permission.

Expedition to the Frozen Continent: Chapter One Becoming a Globetrotter

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