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BTG Series: Book #5 now available

Buddy The Globetrotter is a series of travel adventures for middle school readers and others, especially those interested in travel and stories about dogs. Navigating Europe: Castles, Canals, and Canines is the fifth in the series. The books can be read in any order. Each adventure is fiction, based on real places to which the author has traveled, but narrated by an adorable dog named Buddy. The reader will gain a better understanding of our world and of our place in it. The series aims to inspire young minds to enjoy reading, while expanding their own imaginations and building each one's fund of knowledge. Buddy is the main character as well as narrator. He exhibits human attributes, some fantasy but believable. His personality and interactions highlight those typically found in the human-canine bond. The environment is another main character. Minor characters include fellow travelers and those he meets along the way. Readers may also recognize youth themes presented in context and in a fun manner that include introspection, self-confidence, peer relationships, adventure-seeking, taking responsibility for self and others, and impulse control. So order a book now, or the entire series, from You'll be glad you did!

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