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To Travel or Not to Travel...

Perhaps that was not Shakespeare's question, but during this Covid-19 pandemic, I am sure it is yours.

Let me help. First, your travel choices are certainly limited, as many countries and tour operators have placed restrictions. Flights and other means of transportation have been limited. Sites, museums, activities, and other venues have been closed. Social distancing has been recommended. All these measures aim to decrease the rate and extent of spread of this respiratory virus that can be fatal for many, perhaps as many as one to three percent of those infected. Second, the restrictions will be short-term, perhaps only eight weeks, depending upon how successful containment is and what we learn about the infections. You may therefore not necessarily have to cancel longer-term travel plans. Third, you still have many options. Here are a few: 1) non-social travel such as hiking trails in city, state, or national parks; 2) driving tours and site-seeing where you can ensure social distancing; 3) virtual touring of museums on line or viewing planet earth series and other documentaries; 4) reading about places that interest you.

If you must travel, and especially if you will use public transportation, plan how you will practice preventive hygiene, exposure, and social distancing during your travels. So, take appropriate precautions, follow the experts' advice, understand your risks, and make the decision that best suits you and your family. To travel is to live, but to choose wisely and travel safely during a pandemic is to ensure that you and others continue to live and travel.

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