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Sensational South Georgia

Far more than its historical connections to the whaling industry and Shackleton's famous failed expedition to Antarctica, this island of bays, coves, fjords, glacial landscapes and diverse plant and animal populations is among the most awesome in the world. In Expedition to the Frozen Continent, I highlight much of it. South Georgia is a perfect must-see stopping point en route to Antarctica. It lies just south of the Antarctic convergence in the South Atlantic Ocean about 800 miles southeast of the Falklands. No where else can one step on a shore and expect to be greeted by tens of thousands of penguins and hundreds of elephant seals.

Today's photos highlight Drygalski fjord, with its calving glaciers and steep craggy walls that reflect geologic changes over millennia. Also shown is a typical landscape with thousands of penguins in front of glacial-carved landscapes. One photo captures the essence of challenges for survival, wherein a giant petrel stands defiantly among hundreds of penguins while feeding on a dead seal

Drygalski fjord

Typical South Georgia landscape

Giant petrel feeding

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