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Madison Meets Magical Morpho

Like magic, a large blue butterfly appears out of nowhere to startle Madison by fluttering his wings near her ear. Madison screams! This Blue Morpho quickly moves mysteriously and disappears into the deeper Costa Rican rainforest. As Madison continues hiking along the Osa Trail with her parents, her fear progresses to friendship. She finds beauty, magic, and human attributes in this very special butterfly.

Engage your young reader to be like Madison, who blends magical thinking with curiosity to seek a special friendship. During this adventure, your reader will also learn a lot about butterflies and other rainforest inhabitants.

Now available, this is the second edition of this children's picture book by the same author of the Buddy the Globetrotter series, me. The second edition is smaller and fits small kids' hands better. It is better illustrated, and is now about forty percent more affordable (paperback $10.99; ebook $2.99 on Amazon). Most suitable for pre-K to 4th grade but enjoyable for all readers.

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