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Castles, Canals, and Canines

History comes alive as Buddy takes us along cobblestone streets, canals, and interconnecting waterways in this part of the Old World, revealing origins of our current culture and civilization. Castles and cathedrals remind us of a time when nations were just forming.

Navigating Europe is the fifth book in a series of Buddy the Globetrotter travel tales.

Europe, like this adventure, is different.

Explore peninsulas, islands, and famous cities. Imagine the ambiance of Venice or hiking in Croatia’s Plitvice National Park.

“The breathtaking beauty of these waterfalls and lakes enveloped us as much as they held the trout swimming in clear shallow waters, sustained the vegetation in these canyons, and quenched the thirst of the butterflies and birds fluttering in the forest canopy.”

During his travels, Buddy meets other canines as well as unexpected challenges.

“Just moments away was the biggest, blackest, baronial canine in full canter coming at me…Evidently, Ivan thought I was a danger against which he must guard.”

Share more in his personality, his feelings, and his humor.

Capture the flavor of Continental Europe as you join Buddy and travel from the polders of the Netherlands to the transcontinental land of the Tsars.

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