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Behaviors at Brown Bluff

One would never have imagined the wildlife and behaviors at this narrow strip of land between the volcanic peaks of Brown Bluff, on mainland Antarctic Peninsula, and the sea. Hundreds of penguins huddled in groups in specific areas. The ambient noise ranged from chatter to piercing warning screams as skuas, petrels, and kelp gulls flew around these colonies. Within seconds, a skua would sweep in to scoop up an egg as a penguin momentarily moved off it to re-position itself. Both Gentoo and Adelie penguins, like airplanes leaving a carrier ship, dove single file into the cold waters to clean their feathers with a quick acrobatic swim, re-emerging with flippers raised and shaking off the water. Along the coast, a leopard seal awaited these unsuspecting penguins, hoping for a successful hunt.. On the icy rocks, some penguins exhibited downhill belly surfing, some strutted along carefully, and an occasional penguin did an embarrassing face plant. Meanwhile, visitors clad in bright orange parkas walked carefully with guides along a designated path, totally mesmerized while clicking camera shutters and embedding lifetime memories.

Adelie penguins ready for a morning swim off the coast of Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Adelie penguin incubating an egg, at Brown Bluff, Antarctica Peninsula

A Gentoo penguin leads Adelie penguins into the water off Brown Bluff, Antarctica

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