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Auf Wiedersehen Antarctica

As we left the frozen continent, our captain maneuvered our ship through the ice-packed Lemaire Channel, the most famous fjord in Antarctica. Folks were jubilant and standing on the cold, windy deck watching this winning trifecta of technology, skill, and experience. To the cheers of the crowd, the captain came out with our expedition leader to bid a farewell to this pristine environment. Hanging over the rail to watch the ship's ice breaker in action is still quite memorable. Ice floes of many shapes pushed past us. A sense of warmth was felt in the reflections of the peaks of Cape Renard in the undisturbed waters along its coastline. As our ship pulled through the narrow passage out into the Southern Ocean it seemed to leave a path of pancake ice chips scattered like a Giant's Causeway. For the next two days, we observed many cetaceans of the Southern Ocean before successfully traversing the famed Drake's Passage and arriving at Ushuaia, South America where we'd disembark.

Readers: this is the last set of photos correlating with the last chapter in my book Expedition to the Frozen Continent. I hope that you have enjoyed them. Better yet, I hope you enjoyed the book. If you have not read it yet, please do so and leave a review on Amazon, where you can purchase it. This was my first BTG adventure book. I am currently working on a fourth, Exploring Africa, which I hope to have published in a few months.

Reflections in the Lemaire Channel as we leave Antarctica, entering the Southern Ocean.

Resting Leopard Seal on an ice floe, seen earlier before entering Lemaire Channel

Pancake ice leaving a Giant's Causeway outside of the Lemaire Channel,

Orcas on the hunt in the Southern Ocean, somewhere before Drake's Passage.

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