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Arrival in the Antarctic Sound

Early morning was a great time to arrive at the outer boundaries of Antarctica, sometimes referred to as iceberg alley. Some cape petrels seemed to arrive with us. The temperature dropped precipitously, and the early morning light contrasted with some dark clouds overhanging a huge tabular iceberg on the horizon. All kinds of ice floes were moving past us in dark blue water. In Expedition to the Frozen Continent, Buddy describes our arrival:

"Nothing, no one, nowhere ever gave me such a feeling of being one with nature. All around us was sea ice in all its manifestations. The air was brisk, cold, and refreshing, devoid of the smells of civilization."

Enjoy the following photos taken by me that morning.

Beautiful markings of cape petrels following our ship into the Antarctic Sound

Ice floes and landscape at the Antarctic Sound

View from the bow of our ship upon entering iceberg alley, Antarctic Sound

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