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Antarctica's Archipelago

We explored the Gerlache Strait and the Enterprise Islands both by kayak and by zodiac boat. At the end of a most sunny and calm day, I participated in a polar plunge, into these waters, temperature at 29 F. The tingling and headache that followed are memorable to this day! As noted in the Expedition to the Frozen Continent, wonderment filled every moment of this day. The full linear step-like ripples along large floating ice formations gave clue that these waters and winds are not always so calm. The varied sizes and shapes of ice from bergey bits to tabular bergs exposed Mother Nature's clandestine violent actions. But today she would behave herself.

Ice formations in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica

Shadow of our helmsman supporting an iceberg

View of our ship and the orange ice-breaker beneath the bow, from our kayak.

Proof of my polar plunge into these icy waters.

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